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Dreadlock Removal

If you have dreadlocks and are ready to try a new style, Ora K Locs can provide expert dreadlock removal in Oakland, CA. Our hair salon will carefully work through your dreadlocks to save as much length as possible while unlocking your hair.

Untangling dreaded hair is no simple task. It is labor intensive, and requires a lot of hair product. During this process, we will gently untangle your hair starting from the ends to the root. We saturate the strands in oil to aid in this process. After we are done, you will be left with a head full of healthy, unlocked hair that is ready to be styled however you like.

Dreadlocks are a wonderful way to wear your hair, but they are a commitment. When you decide you want to get rid of them, Ora K Locs is the salon to visit in the Oakland, CA area.